About Adelsberger Marketing

Adelsberger Marketing was formed in 2014 when Kevin Adelsberger took the leap into full-time self employment. After quitting his stable “real job,” he began helping small businesses communicate with their current and potential customers. Kevin’s office is at theCO where he is able to collaborate with other members.

As a small business owner himself, Kevin is better able to understand his clients’ struggles and help find solutions to market their businesses.

Kevin also host the Our Jackson Home Podcast.

Kevin helped co-found Our Jackson Home, whose mission is to “tell the stories of the people and city that we all love”. The Our Jackson Home podcast is an informal, interview based podcast with Jackson-area community members. These conversations highlight how amazing Jackson is. (Listen on iTunes or on the web)

Renae Adelsberger joined the team to focus on content creation and general operating support. She is the wife of Kevin Adelsberger and has played a role in the business since its inception. In the summer of 2017, however, Renae quit her full-time job in the insurance world to have a more flexible schedule. Now working mornings as a smaller insurance agency, Renae devotes her afternoons to Adelsberger Marketing.

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