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To start this blog, I thought I would google the definition of “speed” to see what Webster had to say about the word. And my internet spun and spun without loading the page. I found myself increasingly irritated that I was still waiting for an answer.

I wanted speed.We value speed and have to come to expect a “faster speed” than even our parents’ generations ever imagined possible.

Which is why “speed” is one of the tenets of our company. There are two ways that speed applies to us. The first is the way we help you communicate and work with your clients. The second is the way that we communicate and work with you.

First, we know your customers also expect you to communicate and do business with them in a speedy fashion. We’re a society that wants updates and news instantly. We don’t go online to see what deals have already happened. We rarely even go online to see what deals are happening next week. We want to know what’s happening right now. We expect social media to tell update us instantly without making us wait.

With expectations that high from your customers, it’s difficult for a busy business owner to run the day-to-day operations as well as communicate to current and future customers well. We are here to help you communicate regularly and effectively to your client base so that you stay on the forefront of their mind.

For example, we have one customer who is a chef at a local restaurant. They make their weekend features on Thursday for us to photograph and record. We then spend Thursday evening editing, preparing, and posting because those features need to be posted before lunchtime on Friday.

Second, we want to complete your project in a speedy fashion. That doesn’t mean we rush through it haphazardly. We budget enough time to complete it well. From the beginning of a project, we do our best to communicate to you the realistic amount of time it will take to complete your project. Most of the time, a project requires your input. So we rely on you to return us the same favor of speed.

That also means we don’t let our emails sit unread or unanswered. Our phones get answered and our voicemails are returned. We value and respect your time. We know that you’re a busy business owner; so are we! In our relationship with you, we expect that we will respect each other’s time. That includes keeping you up-to-date on the progress of your project along the way. When we work together, your customers stay informed and in the know about you and your products.

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