How I Market Myself and Adelsberger Marketing Part 2

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Every chance I get to share my expertise I take it.

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I believe strongly in the positioning as an expert branding technique. The more people who understand that I know what I am talking about when it comes to marketing the better. How do I do this? I tell them about it. This serves to purposes: 1. It puts me in front of people and expands my network. 2. It helps build my position as someone who is worth paying money for marketing.

How do I do that?

CO: communicate: I co-host a monthly event on social media at theCO with Austin Thompson of Thompson Industries (This also doubles as work toward the first portion of my marketing scheme). Each month we give away for free knowledge about how to use social media for business. While I expect none of these students to become customers, what it does is helps position me as an expert on small business social media in Jackson. This is a long term play for sure, but I believe it will pay off.

Speaking at Community Events: Anytime I am invited to speak at a function, I take it. Every chance, I get to speak on marketing or entrepreneurship, I see it as an opportunity to further grow my influence. Even if this is just to students who are looking at marketing, I dive in! You never know what will come of an opportunity you have available. Just this week some potential business came from a community event from over a year ago!

The ROI on this is hard to determine sometimes, but it is there!

That being said, if you need someone to come and talk about marketing or entrepreneurship, I would love too! Just drop me a line!

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