Ever wondered why you saw that ad?

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Ever wonder why you saw that ad? Now you can know what big brother thinks you (are) like.

Ever wonder why that specific ad appeared on your Facebook timeline? It could be a very direct result of visiting a page. Amazon and other online retailers are good at this. If you visit their page and your computer also has a logged in Facebook account, that information is shared and you will most likely begin seeing ads for the products you looked at. It is called retargeting.

But most of the ads that you see are not retargeting, they are just targeting. Facebook sometimes also shows ads to you because you a friend of someone who is targeted. Facebook has a list of information about you that helps advertisers target you and users like you. Some of these things are based on your interests and facebook activity. Others are based on your age and demographics. If you are logged into Facebook, you can see this list of things for you here.

Take a few minutes and click around in there. You can even remove things that you feel are not accurate. I had a few oddball tags that I didn’t understand but for the most part it was pretty accurate!

And for the record Facebook, no I am not interested in the Alaska Aces.

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