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New Facebook Page Layout on some mobile platforms:

Facebook has once again changed the way its Facebook Pages display on mobile for iPhone 5s. Although the popularity of the iPhone 6 is huge, the 5 models still maintain about 33% of the market. Here is kind of how they used to look and still look on the Pages Mobile App:


The cover photo is a crucial piece to any Facebook page’s visual identity. It has always been a struggle to get a cover photo that looks good on mobile and looks good desktop. This latest change makes it harder adding a third option for displaying.

And here is how they look on the Facebook App for iPhone5’s :



Before the change my tag line fit nicely into the the space provided but now it looks to small to fit properly. This new look leaves a lot of dead space around the tag line.


But the plot thickened this morning when I looked at a colleagues phone. Besides him not having liked my facebook page, the iPhone 6 displayed differently. It looks more like the traditional view we are used to. Here is a screenshot from an iPhone 6:



It still looks the same. It might be time to experiment to find a happy medium between the two models. It is also a little odd to me that Facebook would have this display differently based on the model. A reader, Jonathan Spotts, owner of Spotts Professional Computers sent in a screen shot from his Nexus 6 and it displays like the iPhone 5s.




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