Superbowl and Mobile Use

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Google dropped some huge data information after the Superbowl this year. Mobile already is and is increasingly the most important platform for media. Our phones not only contain all of lives, it also is our gateway to the world. If your brand is not thinking about mobile, you need to a new marketing plan. “For brands, that means a presence on the big screen isn’t complete without a strategy for the small screen, too.”, wrote Google in its report.

Google measured a 40% increase of people searching for brands during the super bowl. Imagine if your brand couldn’t be found online or accessible on mobile!  You would be missing lots of “micro moments” as Google describes them. A micro moment is when a thought crosses someone’s mind and so they google google a product or service. Google search ads and high seo allow you to capitalize on these Micro Moments.

Search is not going away. Mobile is not going away. What are you doing to be ready for them? Will you be found?

I would love to have known what the results were for Red Lobster.

Read more of Google’s Report.



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