Client Spotlight: From Fluff to Fit

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One of the things I love about working at theCO is the relationships that you make with other entrepreneurs. Bria Pittman is a member at theCO and the Fitness Coach/Owner at From Fluff to Fit.

Bria is on a mission to help people become healthy with the motto “progress not perfection.” While we met and talked about her business, I saw this motto as a truth that she embraced not only with her own life but also with her clients.  Being healthy is not about being super skinny, it’s about being active, taking care of oneself, and making good health choices more often than bad ones. I knew that the motto needed to be included in the logo.

When we got started Bria had one direction: Use this certain blue. So I went to work.

There were a bunch of versions of this logo but after many…many hours and attempts, I came back with a logo that Bria loved and we felt would communicate her brand to her target market as well.

This is the From Fluff to Fit logo by Adelsberger Marketing: frommflufftofit2-01

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