Social Media Win or Fail: Lagavulin Scotch

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This month on Social Media Win or Fail: Lagavulin Scotch

This was a huge win for Lagavulin Scotch:

Why was this a win?

  1. It was a low budget ad that has easily garnered 2 million views in the first week of it being posted online.
  2. I counted well over 15 major news outlets that did a story on the video. (FREE PRESS!)
  3. It capitalizes on Nick Offerman’s character from Parks and Rec Ron Swanson’s love for this brand of Whiskey. This brings in two audiences: Nick Offerman fans, and Parks and Rec fans. Brilliant cross reach.
  4. People will probably play this in their homes, on their computers and tvs, during the holiday season. People will willing play this AD in their homes for fun this holiday.
  5. Because of the way its shared, there is no cost in hosting. Only production costs here. Zero cost in distribution.

What an amazing win for this smaller brand of scotch!

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