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Arby’s is getting some interest twitter traffic recently. While reading one of my favorite blogs last weekend, Another Week Ends by Mockingbird , I followed a link to what they described as a hilarious twitter account called: @nihilist_arbys. Now for the uninformed nihilism is defined: the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.

To combine Arby’s (the brand that use to use the tag “Its Good Mood Food”) and Nihilism is hilarious to me and apparently to the internet. At the time of writing, Nihilist Arby’s has close to 60,000 followers. This is an example of one of the tweets from the account:

Disclaimer: Not all of the tweets are family friendly. But some of them are pretty funny. Most parody accounts have nothing to do with the company they are mocking and I think this is true of Nihilist Arby’s as well. What turned this into a marketing article is what happened not to long after I followed Nihilist Arby’s. Nihilist Arby's Obtimist Arby's Now @optimist_arbys is an account run by Arby’s Corporate offices. This account tweets things like:

I like how Arby’s is trying to handle this parody account. They are trying to manage the parody account with a parody account of the parody account that meets up with their branding.

They are also being proactive, they were following people who were following the parody account.

Good work Arby’s!



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