Great Super Bowl Ad: BMW i3

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For those of you watching the Super Bowl this year you might have seen the new BMW commercial. I really like this ad for a couple of reasons:

1. Its based in reality. The first half of the commercial actually happened. For some of us this seems not possible but that was on live tv back in the day. The internet changed everything and electric cars are going to change our world, but to a lesser extent. But bravo to BMW to trying frame the change that this new car will make in the same realm as the introduction of email.

2. Its funny. Looking back at what would be come such a funny moment in history and making a modern version is very clever. The bit about twerking is such a surprise that you can help but laugh.

What I don’t like:

1. Super forced. They pushed a little to hard on a few parts of the recreation to feel real. Like starting to talk to a random bicyclist? Allison still works for them? Maybe to show how far they have come they should have called Siri instead.

2. It is weird that they do not to appear to have aged. They do not appear to have aged that much in twenty years. That concerns me as a human being.

But over all a great ad. Let me hear your thoughts:

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