Gallup takes on Holistic Marketing

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When speaking about holistic marketing I usually use the line, “if you have a great ad but your service is bad, the ad will backfire.” Gallup released an article about companies and Super Bowl ads. Read it here. This article points to the truth that if advertise before you are ready to handle the traffic that you ad will cost you a whole lost more than the cost of the ad.

Gallup uses a great term to describe employees, “Brand Ambassadors”. What a great term! Imagine what it would be like if your employees could be called “Brand Ambassadors” because of the quality and the care they show while they work. But according to Gallup:

  • 42% of employees overall strongly agree that they know what their organization stands for and what makes it different from its competition.
  • 33% of employees overall strongly agree that they encourage family members and friends to purchase or use their organization’s products and services.
  • 27% of employees overall strongly agree that they work for an organization that always delivers on the promise it makes to customers.

How do you improve this? The article gives some ideas. I think a key concept is clear communication and expectations. How are you communicating to your employees what you expect out of them? Are you giving them all the tools they need to succeed? How do you know how customers are perceiving your employee interactions?

Be challenged to look at every customer interaction as an opportunity to make a start raving fan of your business. Every customer complaint is a chance to make a fan.

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